Winston Cecil Scholarship Fund

help provide coaching to workers who say “yes” to going as cross-cultural servants


Winston Cecil Scholarship Fund

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My dad was normally a man of few words. However, once on a furlough I overheard someone ask him, “Wasn’t it hard for you to let your daughter, Sherri, go to Norway as a missionary when she was only 19 years old?”  My father replied, “Yes, but the day she went forward in church at the age of 13 and said she was willing to go anywhere God wanted her to go, I let her go that day.”

Overhearing his words added great depth to my understanding of his character. My dad knew he could not go himself, but he was willing to work hard and pay for $80 phone calls so I could talk to my mom. He and mom came to visit us in Europe several times. They bought train tickets so we could have a vacation, sent care packages that the postage cost more than the gifts, and much more. He did what he could and for that I am forever blessed. Though my father died in 2005, his legacy lives on in me and in the work of Advance Global Coaching.

The AGC scholarship fund is being named the Winston Cecil Scholarship Fund in honor of my dad. He and many others are the “behind the scenes” people who have made AGC what it is today. I hope that one day you will hear their story of how God led them to simply follow Him by giving to help others go. They influence the work of God’s kingdom by giving. These people of few words are supportive of missionaries and want them to thrive. They are the “unsung heroes”.

If you are one of these people, like my dad was, or you want to honor an “unsung hero” in your life, would you consider making a donation to Advance Global Coaching’s Winston Cecil Scholarship Fund? These gifts are used to provide coaching for missionaries who want to be coached but do not have the funds. You can be the encouragement they need today.

My father’s support helped me say, “yes” to God’s leading in my life. Your tax deductible gifts to the Winston Cecil Scholarship Fund provides coaching to help other workers who say “yes” to going as cross-cultural servants.


Sherri Dodd, CEO