Costs & Sponsorship

The professionally trained and credentialed coaches at Advance Global Coaching are devoted to helping you clarify and reach your goals. Coaching relationships begin with a complimentary discovery coaching session (sometimes referred to as a free-initial session) so that you can ask any questions you have, determine your goals for a season of coaching, and confirm that your chosen coach is a good fit for you. If your chosen coach thinks another coach or professional may better serve you, they will share that as well during this session.

Coaching is a fee-based service.

  • 60 minute sessions are $145 each
  • 90 minute sessions are $175 each

In order to make the coaching process more affordable, sponsors can provide financial assistance at varying levels. We ask you to look for sponsors from your established relationships with churches, agencies, and individuals, who may desire to underwrite the coaching fees. AGC can provide an informational letter that you can share with your support networks. The letter explains the coaching process and its benefits. AGC will gladly speak with your fellowship or sending agency as needed to help develop your sponsorship.

The length of your season of coaching depends on your chosen package and your goals. Because you will benefit the most from coaching with a minimum of 6 sessions, AGC requests that all clients commit to at least 6 sessions. After this initial 6 session commitment, coaching continues on a month-by-month basis. Ask your coach about the $50 discount for initial 6 session coaching packages paid in advance.

AGC requests that all clients inform their coach at least one session in advance as to when they are ready to complete their season of coaching. This allows the final session to review client growth, plan any beneficial next steps, and have good closure of the relationship.

Payment Information

Coaching fees are invoiced via Quickbooks at the end of each coaching month. Payment is expected within 30 days to avoid a $15 late fee. As a service, AGC covers fees incurred with online credit card payments.

Coaching sessions can also be paid by checks made payable to Advance Global Coaching, with the client’s name on the subject line. The same late fees are in effect for payment by check. A $25 charge will be incurred for any check returned for insufficient funds.

Cancellations or reschedulings of coaching sessions need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you have an emergency, we will work around it. Otherwise, a missed appointment is neither made up nor refunded.

Mailing Address:
Advance Global Coaching
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