Cheryl Prentice

Professional Certified Coach, ICF


Cheryl has been serving as a missionary since 2001. She has a heart for the single person who is considering serving or currently serving in the U.S. or abroad. Having transitioned to a foreign field as a single, she understands the ups and downs of being alone in the company of a team. Even though Cheryl is married today, she still remembers some of the challenges. There are assumptions, expectations, and conversations that can be worked out quicker in a coaching relationship. You have time to put words to your thoughts and your thoughts in to actions.

When people talk to Cheryl, they enjoy the strength that comes from her calmness and stability. She is optimistic, easy to talk to and is a natural listener. She will walk with you through the obstacles, help you see the positive, and lighten the load with her gentle humor. She believes God has created potential in everyone. Her desire is to encourage others into their God-given success.

Cheryl has over 150 hours of training as a coach and is certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF-PCC).